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5 Reasons To Go Digital And Right Now!

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Failure to understand the changes in consumer preferences and current trends can blow or disrupt emerging or seasoned businesses

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The customer experience matters like never before: 4 ways to make it better.

You know your customer is essential to your strategic success. There must be a holistic consideration of your customer at the heart of everything you do and everything your organization does.

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Optimize your Google Ad copy: 4 Ways to do it.

Your ads have Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that get people to click on your landing page and convert. Many ads will need a CTA to generate this click-through rate, so using appropriate and impactful CTAs.

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Why Email marketing is making a difference?

It's essential to track your email marketing performance continually. There are several reliable metrics that you should regularly measure to maintain a healthy email list and improve your campaigns.

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The future of your business is digital!

One of the main reasons digital advertising is taking over traditional marketing channels is because the Internet has enabled businesses to interact with relevant audiences in real time. Customers are interacting with the choice of their brand or business.

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The Journey from good to great begins with your website: Don't grow your business; grow your audience.

Your website is your virtual identity. Ultimately, an effective and engaging virtual presence is required for any business to thrive today and in the future.

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It all starts with the First Impression: Customer Experience is a key to Brand Building.

Developing a consumer experience is often the most ignored element in a brands marketing agenda. Many are so worried about finding more leads, website visitors and finishing more sales calls

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Want to Improve Landing Page Conversion? Optimise Now!

The prime goal of a landing web page is to convert website traffic into qualified leads. The landing page is where a user reached after they click on an ad.

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5 Must do things for Linkedin | Digital Marketing

Since its first launch in 2003, LinkedIn has made significant progress. What used to be a relatively small platform for connecting with like-minded people has become the hub of professional content. The platform is no longer just for keeping in touch with business partners but is now an excellent B2

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5 Reasons why your Social Media strategy is not working for you

Almost all your clientele is on social media handles, may be active, may not be that active, but they are there. If everyone is here, so are your competitors, so are the other companies trying to project their services/products. They are more or less exposed to similar ads, offers, and an online jou

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5 Reasons how to attract hyperlocal clients to you

With more than 50% of search traffic coming from mobile phones, the hyperlocal becomes crucial. With more than 90% of search, traffic is taken care of by Google, and while searching, it states near me are preferred search result. The Internet has helped to connect people across long distances, but a

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5 Digital Marketing techniques to restart your business this pandemic

Amidst the pandemic, it has become more critical than ever to limit the spread, and unprecedented restrictions imposed and reaching existing or new customers become a challenge.

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Privacy Policy and its 5 Major impacts on businesses

The feud between the users and social media handles is not settling anytime soon. On the other hand, companies like Apple have clearly stated they will not entertain data sharing with Facebook. The data transmitted is through the cookies (not the ones we can eat, but the ones in our internet browser

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Sweet Spot for Digital Marketing in 2021

Digital marketing is to increase awareness of the brand; also, to connect with existing or prospective customers (personalised) is the keyword and increase your recall, so you become the preferred choice. To achieve all or either of them make the next choice.

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5 Reasons Web Hosting matters to your business

We get this very frequently, we have purchased a domain name, isn't that the same as hosting the website? Well, the concise answer is NO, the long answer is Nowhere close. A domain name is booking your name on the world wide web, so anybody trying to type in dygnmedia.com will reach to dygnmedia.co

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Social Media Marketing | New Normal | Vocal for local

Social media handles have seen massive growth in the last decade. It is estimated that 3.5 Billion users are active daily on social media*, i.e. close to 45% to the population of the entire human community. The pandemic has changed our working for the foreseeable future. The New Normal is also comin

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When do you need a Digital Agency?

The following questions will help you get some direction to conclude, when do you need a digital agency for your brand? 1) Are you going digital with your brand first time? 2) Are your sales growing, depending on digital leads? 3) Does your brand has limited digital presence?

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Build leads for 2020

The dynamics of business models are ever-evolving, especially as the Pandemic has changed the way customers, partners, associates and team works. The forced changes we see are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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Digital Transformation a NOW need!!!

Digital transformation? What is that got to do with my business? Digital transformation is a process to make business processes effective and efficient, looking for a loophole and optimising the business model, bringing in more possibilities to scale up the business. It also helps to bring in mor

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Do you need Digital Advertising? Take A Quiz

What is digital advertising? Reaching out to potential, existing and new customers, which is a more targetted audience. The medium of reaching out is digital, i.e. emails, websites, digital ads, social media etc.

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Decoding Digital Pricing

Digital exposure is unprecedentedly increasing. The dire need to be online is for real and right now. How do we understand the technology jargons, claims to be on the first page of google search and pricing which varies widely.

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10 things must know about Online Marketing

Uncertainty and variable business situations, pushing everyone to be online, the hybrid of online and offline businesses are bound to create ripples and change the way businesses function. This is happening as we speak, so to survive, scale and sustain, online becomes an essential element for growth

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Code Red: Create Your Digital Presence, Now!

COVID - 19 Pandemic has transformed the way how people do business, interact, travel and meet. The standstill, social distancing, restrictions and precautions are loosening up.

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7 Next Big things in the Digital World

The world is changing at a never before pace, moving ahead with no precedents; the world has changed the way we knew. It will be for the foreseeable future. Things like going for a walk, travelling at will, even buying groceries and so forth, which seemed so routine we gave no heed to, is not the sa

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Zeitgeist of Businesses and Digital Advertising

Facebook and instagram are not new, however they continuously source new content generated by the users, which brings boatload of surprises, information and entertainment. This is exactly what is keeping you busy in the screen.

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How does content marketing work?

When you have the content it works! Was all I had to say, trust me it after a long and very long conversation over a period of time, wherein I decided for this to put this to rest. However, it is important why are promoting content marketing, what are the matrix of analysis used to determine the eff

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7 Must Ask Questions before you go for the next campaign!

The world has seen an immense exponential change with regards to businesses. Businesses which are redundant now, compared to a decade or two decades back, because of the technology playing a vital role, to new businesses being set up due to the same reason.

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The Internet is a Noisy Space | Make your Mark

If you think the Internet is a noisy space, let me tell you this, the internet is a very noisy space. There is calls, emails, chats, critical information, finance, ads, social media even your microwave thanks to the internet of things. In the midst of all these things, unmatched connectivity, perso

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Ask Me Anything | 10 Most FAQ’s about digital advertising

This is the world of digital advertising, wherein even if you and the person sitting next to you, is watching the same youtube video, scrolling the same social media handle like facebook, reading the same news channel, still the ads, you and the person next to you will see could be looking at would

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