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Do you need Digital Advertising? Take A Quiz

Do you need Digital Advertising? Take A Quiz

What is digital advertising?

Reaching out to potential, existing and new customers, which is a more targetted audience. The medium of reaching out is digital, i.e. emails, websites, digital ads, social media etc. 

Now the question of do I need it, run down the following quiz and you can take a call. 

Is there a product or service you have to offer?

Do you need new customers?

Is there something new to offer to your customers?

Do you want to communicate with a personal touch with each customer?

Do you want to break the barrier of limiting geographies?

Are you in stage to increase awareness, Product/Service USP or direct selling?

Is your competition doing it?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to be more vocal for your local presence. Know your customer, cause the customer is looking for you too. Buying, researching, considering and reference or reviews of any service or product starts happening with the smartphone in your hand. 

B2B searches are not any different, maybe more on the desktop and email archives, but it happens if you are just a few clicks away from your customer, you are also the preferred choice. The attention span has reduced, but what it means for my brand? It means there are more players in the same space giving similar, better or worse service/products at a lesser or more price. However, the customer will go with the option with the highest recall, most comfortable customer journey, apt and precise communication with their deliverables and backed with references, feedback. 

Do you want to share the details, USP's about your product/services 24/7 be available for your customer to reach out to you at their leisure. You got to be online.  

You want to control your spend and have more interactive discussions with your customer. It would be best if you were digital. Share the list of your services/products at one stop, so the customer can find what he/she is looking for but also at the same time know about what else you have to got to offer. Helping you to cross-sell, today, tomorrow or with next buy that the customer did not know was available with you. 

It is an evolution of advertising which was vocal in early days; then it became print, visual and now digital. 

Need to go digital or scale your presence, we are happy to assist you for the same. You can reach on connect@dygnmedia.com. 

Take Care, Stay Safe, Stay Blessed!  

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