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Zeitgeist of Businesses and Digital Advertising

Zeitgeist of Businesses and Digital Advertising

Unprecedented terrains, will require unmatched solutions. Though it will be new, however it will be simple, it may out of box but may not be unique. This is what the new normal demands, it is all about infinite variations and possibilities which is going to be the game changer.  Facebook and instagram are not new, however they continuously source new content generated by the users, which brings boatload of surprises, information and entertainment. This is exactly what is keeping you busy on the screen. 

Like the creative above is too much information to follow and no clear direction leading to, similarly adding too many features, too much of details without an intuitive subtle course of journey for the customer, is of no good. Internet Zeitgeist wants to learn more; but easily, wants to know more; but formatted, wants to be engaged in infinite challenges; but wants to start small and requires incentive. 

If you have seen all the 4 seasons of Money Heist, would you like to see that again? Let's say again and again and again? No, you will go for something new, something that would ignite interest every-time you interact with it, be it a series, movies, games, work, friends etc. You cannot be going over the same joke again and again. However, you will like to go with your same friend. 

The businesses today need to be formatted, but newer content it has to create enough traction to move forward. Explaining, exploiting the possibilities through contextual content.  A couple of things which have become non-negotiable 

  • New Content: The user needs to be informed and updated about everything is happening, may not be a sales call but as a subtle reminder for your services/products 

  • Infinite Challenge: Engage user with infinite possibilities to allow them to share their brilliant ideas as well. 

  • User Experience: The reason many businesses are around and not around even though giving similar product/services is because of the user experience, don't discount that. 

  • Experiment: The new normal is not the same as the old normal and we as a species adapt try subtle if not grave experiments, things can backfire but you will know what works better with your audience. 

Though we progress, the basics become all the more important, from where you want to lead a customer to, how the customer wants to go, takes over priority, period. 

New Information is the key but user experience will decide the businesses to rise and fall. The engagement with existing user or generating new users will depend on the industry, however, the users will become more ruthless, not by choice but by force, as they will have all the more options and pressing customised journeys to drive them. 

This changes the way businesses work also how a customer is retained, acquired or reminded as a future prospect or your services/products. 

For more details please do connect with us connect@dygnmedia.com and our team will be happy to run the audit for the businesses and equip you for today's era.  

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