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Ask Me Anything | 10 Most FAQ’s about digital advertising

Ask Me Anything | 10 Most FAQ’s about digital advertising

Welcome to the universe of infinite possibilities. The ever-evolving, dynamic, connecting across distances, communicating across languages and personalised to suit you, according to your preferences.

This is the world of digital advertising, wherein even if you and the person sitting next to you, is watching the same youtube video, scrolling the same social media handle like facebook, reading the same news channel, still the ads, you and the person next to you will see could be looking at would be different.

Personalised personification in true nature. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about the digital world and the actual candid answers for the same. No filters WYSIWYG. Also at the end there one more extra question that is answered, feel the vibe and go digital

Question 1. What is the user journey in digital advertising?

It majorly depends across the industry, reach out strategy etc. However, there are few things which are common across irrespective of, there are different steps added to the journey for different strategies.

a) Ignite the interest of the user

b) Create awareness about your brand for the user

c) Inform/educate what problem you can solve, what service you can provide

d) The user may consider your offerings

e) The user may also try to negotiate browsing through competitors to get similar service/product

f) Get converted/purchase your product/service.

Do you know what is the secret ingredient to eliminate the step of negotiation? UX, great user experiences helps the customer to be sticky.

Question 2. What is the best way to increase traffic to my website / social media handles?

Engaging content, relevant content, new content (I am sure you have got the message). There has to be a reason why the users will come to you and that is content, be it videos, write up, presentations, some free calculator, some paid service given at a discounted price it has to be around what content are your sharing with the user.

Question 3. How do you measure the Return On Investment (ROI) for digital marketing?

Considering if you are investing only on Digital advertising it is plain and simple (Growth in Sales – Cost spent in marketing ) / Cost spent in marketing. However, if we are in hybrid advertising we are looking at proportional figures and calculations. Which is easier with the actual analytics at your disposal.

Question 4. What is SEO?

Ok, this one is special because it is so simple but people have complicated it to great extent. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. What does this mean for you? Whenever anybody is searching for a product/service that you offer, you are in the top results for the user. Attracting users to your website and converting them to your customers. (SEO is simple, but the journey to be on the top search result is way complicated, that we can discuss another time)

Question 5. What are Keywords? Where do you use them? What does Keyword do?

Keywords help SEO, so basically keywords would inform the Search Engine, what does this page, this website has got to offer. A search engine does so by crawling if your keywords and user expectations don’t match; the users bounce off the website and the search engines take it very seriously.

Keywords are checked in

a) Website URL, hence said make it user friendly

b) Website Title

c) Meta tags added

d) Website content

e) Headlines

Question 6. What is a responsive Website?

Cutting the tech jargons aside, long story short. Responsive websites are built for each medium (mobile, desktop, tabs) so the view of the website is according to the screen size. Image is optimised to view different mediums and user experience customised. It is a very very very vital part of today's world.

Question 7. What is exactly Content Marketing?

Let us say you have a great product, awesome after-sales service and amazing offers for your clientele. If you do not share the with the users / probable customers / existing customers how will they utilise it? Content marketing is done for primarily the following reasons

a) To attract new customers

b) Retain existing customers

c) Inform about up-sells / down sells

d) Offers

In case of any of the above, you are doing/planning to do; you need content

Question 8. What are the Key Performance Indicators for Advertising?

a) Reach – How many unique people you were able to reach

b) Impressions – How many times your ads were showcased

c) Leads – User details collected for persuasion

d) Conversions – Users converted into customers

e) Brand mentions – How many times you were recalled by the social listening

f) Traffic data – Analytics about the user and information about the origin of traffic to your website

Question 9. Why is online marketing preferred more than offline marketing

Honestly ton of reasons however here is the highlighter, still cheaper compared to offline ads in terms of ROI. Analytics, exactly what is happening with your campaigns. Reach is higher, you are able to reach newer audiences even who do not know about you natively. Ease to communicate and reach out.

Question 10. What strategy is going to work?

It depends on the type of industry, product life cycle, pricing of the product, availability, budgets, traction, audiences built, B2B, B2C, online presence etc and many such more things, basically reach out and we will be happy to work with you on this.

Question 11. Why did Dygn Media come into existence?

It is exciting, challenging, new, keeps me on the toes and more than anything I love tech, analytics and creativity couldn’t find a better combination in any other industry. However, if you are looking for content, website practically anything in the digital space you can reach out dygnmedia.com or dygnwriters.com or write in aniket@dygnmedia.com will be happy to be of assistance #godigital #with #dygnmedia

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