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Build leads for 2020

Build leads for 2020

The dynamics of business models are ever-evolving, especially as the Pandemic has changed the way customers, partners, associates and team works. The forced changes we see are here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

The lead cycles are either too short or are too long. The buying pattern has become more, instantaneous, but the customer is now aware of the product more than ever before. Research by the customer is a crucial change in the buying pattern. 

What do we need to fit in; the search pattern for the customer

Website: Majorly we all have websites these days, but importantly is it mobile responsive, SEO friendly and have the analytics to the website. If not, you surely need it. It is your digital visiting card, sharing information, catalogue, negotiator working for you 24X7 

Chat: Thanks to may apps, the customer is ok with chatting integrate your website with Chatbots or Business Whatsapp. Add catalogue and videos for quick sharing. 

Emails: Never goes out of style, a reminder to the customer as per his/her convenience, with a cool offer, some infotainment always is appreciated by the customer 

Content: We have the best custom-built CMS, more responsive websites, best social media handling team and brand communication strategy. Now if we will not share the above information with you. Will you know it? No

Content is precisely the gap between the need of the customer and what you offer. Customer does need to know what you are doing? How it is going to be beneficial and Why is this the best available in the market also why it is pocket friendly. 

The above is what you need to get the base right for the customer reaching out to you.  Now we need to figure out how the customer is reaching out. The intent, matching content, and context is the lead you want to follow up. 

Ads: There are products/services you need to tell the customer (outbound) you are offering, and there are products/services which the customer is searching (inbound). Then there is a hybrid we need to do both, and it can get further complex and programmatic. It largely depends on the product/service and strategy. Don't worry we are here to get it all done for you. 

Affiliate marketing: Influencers in a niche does help up to reach the target audience. People trust references; if you are mainly in the B2B segment and meet a few more criteria, you should look forward to affiliated marketing as well. 

Video: With power comes responsibility with great videos comes to trust. It is making sure to have the most simple videos explaining to the customer how it is worth their time. What is that will be achieved? Post-purchase is what the customer is really going to get. 

Reach to the relevant audience, make your mark, showcase the best deal and get the conversion, the leads to target.

We are here to assist you for social media outreach and lead campaigns. Reach out to us on aniket@dygnmedia.com, and we will be happy to respond. 


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