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It all starts with the First Impression: Customer Experience is a key to Brand Building.

It all starts with the First Impression: Customer Experience is a key to Brand Building.

Do you think it's done when you have closed a deal? Not really. It's just beginning. 

Developing a consumer experience is often the most ignored element in a brands marketing agenda. Many are so worried about finding more leads, website visitors and finishing more sales calls, usually the most high-priced and time-consuming aspects of the marketing plan. The brand may overlook nurturing their already-existing customers, waiting to get hold of support and give that support right back to increase business. Isn't it better to be seen, heard, and supported? Invest more in making sure your existing customers can't get enough of your brand. You always have something to offer. 

Don't push users where you want to be; Meet them where they are.

3 Critical aspects of website performance optimization

Website Speed 

I'm sure most people quit while waiting for a website to load. Waiting is tedious; more likely, you haven't updated your website in a while or haven't even thought about the website's loading speed. We all look forward to fast-loading pages; a website's loading is a critical aspect of a user experience.

Whether your purpose is to lessen customer service calls, get more targeted leads, or focus on your digital strategy, site optimization will make sure your website is more effective in attaining these goals.

Size of images

Files and images are essential tools for your website as they help increase conversions, engage your audience, and tell stories about your business. It would be challenging to develop a powerful site without the use of visual content. The primary role of using images on your site have to enhance the user's experience and enhance your content marketing. If the pictures negatively affect your web page's performance, you need to fix this ASAP, or else Google will punish your website by ranking it lower.

Images can often be a big problem for loading speed. When images aren't properly optimized, they usually consume valuable page loading time and add to the poor experience for your website visitors. Image optimization helps increase the speed and performance of your website. The larger the image file size and the less optimized they are, the slower a website will load and the worse its performance. Too small, it will not meet quality standards for the user. You have to optimize aptly. As simple as that.


Mobile-first is a way to design a mobile version of your website instead of the desktop version. Responsive design is delicate, but mobile-first is an excellent deal. Mobile-first has three main advantages: 

  • It improves the user experience for your website. 
  • It has incredible backward compatibility performance. 
  • Google likes mobile-first websites and prefers them on search engine results pages.

That means that before coding and designing your website, you should focus on great mobile design for a better, easier and faster web experience on all screens and devices. Most of us now surf and search more on mobile than desktop, Google's first indexing on mobile devices is changing the game; This means that Google will crawl and index the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version.

Ask for, listen to, and then act on feedback.

If you care about serving others, you must constantly try to improve your business. To do this, you need to proactively seek feedback, be open to feedback, and base your improvements on the inputs provided.

Please give users a fantastic experience, not simply what they expect.

When you deliver your clients what they expect, they feel satisfied. When you provide customers with way more than what they expect, they turn out to be amazed and delighted! They feel the affection and, in turn, will deliver that love back. Invest in a better experience for your customers. The better the experience, the more loyal your customer are.

We're here to help you build an exceptional customer experience for you.

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