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10 things must know about Online Marketing

10 things must know about Online Marketing

Uncertainty and variable business situations, pushing everyone to be online, the hybrid of online and offline businesses are bound to create ripples and change the way businesses function. This is happening as we speak, so to survive, scale and sustain, online becomes an essential element for growth. 

Here are ten things you must know to kick start or optimise your online marketing. 

1) Online marketing, like any other marketing medium, has different aspects of catering to lead generation, branding, awareness, recall and hard sell. So online marketing is still much strategy and not just boosts. 

2) There is a thumb rule, less text, more context and great value for the user. 

3) Choose the right medium and apt budgets. Not every platform is for you. Also, budgets are essential to keep a steady pace and visibility. 

4) There is content, copy, caption, creativity and conversion. With content, no matter how great the product or service is, the user will not find value. 

5) The relevant audience, the most significant barrier that online has broken is that you do not know where your next customer is. Hence let us assume less and take a call from the data analysis of what will be working better for you. 

6) It is dynamic, and so your ads change frequently. If you had to see one product, you are interested as well; however there is no next call to action though you may see it, and the end-users skip because there is nothing new anymore to add value.

7) There is only one right way—the way which enhances user experience and asks them to interact with the brand. Any claim of bringing on page 1 without any value creation is a hoax. Also, search engines and social media sites are working day and night to make sure that only great and paid content is spread across. Remember that is their business model. 

8) The only thing that can happen all of a sudden is things going wrong. Online marketing does require patience and expertise. You have to plan it, execute it, review it, revise it and do all the same at super speed. 

9) Interact with your users, people will have questions, queries and would like to know more about your product and services makes sure it replied too. Embrace the feedback and brag the good. 

10) Email, everyone you are targetting to, maybe on the social handles but may not be active. Update people about your happenings through emailers, people still check their emails more regularly compared to their social media handles make sure you reach your customer's inbox. 

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