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Code Red: Create Your Digital Presence, Now!

Code Red: Create Your Digital Presence, Now!

COVID - 19 Pandemic has transformed the way how people do business, interact, travel and meet. The standstill, social distancing, restrictions and precautions are loosening up. However, the normalcy of life as before the pandemic is undoubtedly more of a speculation. It is going to stay with us more than we expected. 

As the dynamics of life have evolved, similarly, rules for business has changed. There is a heavy influence of online channels, which will be directing, making and breaking brands. It would help establish new companies or somewhat same businesses in more unique ways to reach customer/potential customer. It will happen by force, forced with the help of digital transformations. 

Digital presence is broadly classified 

a) Website 

b) Social Media handles 

c) Locations (near me)

d) Business listings 

e) Online Reviews 

g) Digital Ads 

h) Published/Featured articles 

Why do I need an online presence?

1) Availability 24/7: Customer/Potential customer may reach out anytime, would need information about working hours, services/products, details, maybe needing help evaluating, comparing. The best response for customer query would-be Now.  Possible when you are available, online. 

2) Be found: With your circle of influence diminishing, so is your customers/potential customers. The online presence is the way to reach out. To enhance the sphere of influence, be heard, be known and interact with the user. To build trust in your product/services, showcase testimonials, develop faith and assure personal touch as well. The digital presence is going to be more critical than ever. 

3) Generate Business: As the pandemic has hit us hard. The buyer's journey is becoming more difficult and competitive. You are required to offer newer solutions to old problems. The problems have not changed, but past issues need new methods and generate business. Your digital presence is the key game changer for this concern. 

4) Serve/Mange resources: Post-sales service is a vital aspect of the customer's journey. The assurance that I will get help if anything goes south is one of the biggest drivers to buy product/service from an online platform. Other than being aptly priced and quality assured. As you are managing your sales, there is pressure to reduce the cost to re-work or achieve post-sales to minimal. Ideally, at all cost to avoid re-work, this will be possible when you integrate, collaborate your services in one window solution to serve better. 

5) Differentiate by experience: Offline store experience has been affected and continues so to be, for the near future. Your customers will change; new customers might be on the hunt for you and may not know about your excellent customer experience. The customers will bank upon the information shared by peers/influencers, shared across the digital mesh network. 

Ratings, google maps, information about the store and product/service details, website, videos and social media updates for continuity and authenticity. You will have to create offline magic online as well. Unlike offline presence, online users are less forgiving. Their journey has to be intuitive and straightforward. 

Connect with our experienced and fun team to deal with the code red situation. Reach out to us connect@dygnmedia.com 

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