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5 Digital Marketing techniques to restart your business this pandemic

5 Digital Marketing techniques to restart your business this pandemic

Amidst the pandemic, it has become more critical than ever to limit the spread, and unprecedented restrictions imposed and reaching existing or new customers become a challenge. Now, if it were for a few days, it would have been doable, but it seems to be something that would be around us for more than we imagined. These times also force us to be available to our customers just not longer hours but when the customers search for us. 

So the delivery may be restricted, but the availability has to be 24 x 7. It may seem an irony but possible. Going online is the solution to overcome the shortcomings of the physical selling of products/services. Going online does require a strategy and omnichannel approach. You may not be investing in all of it right now. However, the milestones and preparing the digital front is very vital. The five below strategies will help you connect/retain/acquire your customers. 


Connect with your existing customers: It is always more cost-effective to retain existing customers than acquire new ones. However, what happens when you have a longer sales cycle for repeat customers, like five years or ten years. Well, even in that case, we reach out to our existing customers. Why? Well, for starters, your customers have a network that is your potential customer as well. The higher recall, is more sales. E-mail marketings personalised works best for this. 

Assure Customer Safety: If your customers still have to visit the store to complete the purchase, pick up the material or other reason. To keep in mind, highlight the precautions undertaken by you to your customers and highlight the safety measures taken by your team. Make sure to highlight ease of access to visit you, updated hours, actual geolocation and phone number to quick questions. 

Be found online:  If you are selling a product/service and have to explain the same repeatedly, that is great cause you can customise according to the customer's needs. But it is limited to the physical availability and multiple other factors like the number of people you have to explain together. Having a website solves this purpose also; you can create a unique customer journey that is more conclusive. It works 24 x 7; now you need a great website, not just a website. It is essential because the customer will look at the website and judge your product/services think about it as the online physical store. It needs to be clean and tidy. 

Attract New customers: We need to reach newer markets. The market is shifting; the new customer can be the one staying right beside you or willing to pay for your product/service miles away. A concentrated region-centric strategy to reach out to new customers is vital to scale. The customer needs a solution for a problem; you have it perfect, let's strike a deal. Finding new customers through social media handles and search engines searches is apt for this. 

Plan long sell now: There are pre-pandemic and pandemic charges. Things were not the way they were, and there are too many new dynamics in the market. The best strategy is if you have an offer, share it. The customer will search for you, but they can search for others. So you got a better deal share the deal, and let the customer benefit. It will help you move the inventory simultaneously, and it will help to earn trust for your product/services. Re-marketing is the key. 

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