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5 Reasons how to attract hyperlocal clients to you

5 Reasons how to attract hyperlocal clients to you

With more than 50% of search traffic coming from mobile phones, the hyperlocal becomes crucial. With more than 90% of search, traffic is taken care of by Google, and while searching, it states near me are preferred search result. The Internet has helped to connect people across long distances, but also it has helped to find what is nearby you. 

Long-distance travel to buy products/services is deeply affected due to pandemic; people are trying to find exact/similar/better solutions near themselves. The behavioural change has opened new opportunities to sellers/service providers to showcase their inventory to a larger audience.

The following are top ways to attract customers to you. Even though you may have limited hours to supply/deliver, you can always sell 24x7. 

Outstanding Website: Have a great website. What does constitutes a great website:

  1. Super-fast loading (good hosting).
  2. Good photographs (CC0 licensed).
  3. One screen, one call to action.

SEO: Search engine optimisation serves what the customer is searching for; what is the customer searching for? Exactly the solution you have. How to have great SEO done 

  1. Build new content frequently and publish it on the website 
  2. Have only relevant hashtags and keywords added to each page 
  3. Keep on updating existing content 

Social Media: When you have an excellent/service, you also need to share it with the world. The best to communicate all at once is through social media. Social Media handles are your way of communicating with your customers, keeping them engaged and interacting at their convenience. The best practices to share in the hyperlocal market 

  1. Share offers/benefits 
  2. Regular posting sharing relevant content, and just not hard selling
  3. Develop a community, it will last longer and give more returns in the long run 

Context and Content: Relevance and quality of content shared on the websites, social media handles, WhatsApp status, Instagram stories, all of it being absorbed with different audiences. Every customer is not on all your social media handles. So each social media handle content is absorbed according to their audience, the submission being quality of the content is critical and relevant to the local market. In a hyperlocal market, local SEO is affected by the context.  

Advertise Limited Range: This concept is very crucial in the hyperlocal market. The is to remarket to a limited audience. Getting more impressions than reach is the goal. The following factors are to be kept in mind while advertising in a hyperlocal market. 

  1. Localised ads, the ads copy has to be addressing the local flavour. 
  2. Advertise in limited geolocation, and the target is to have more impressions than reach. 
  3. Plan long term, but monitor every day; the comments and engagement are crucial in terms of how the customers are reacting to the ads. 

Bonus tip: You can always hire us, and we can take care of all the things for you while you concentrate on scaling your business to newer heights. Connect with us at connect@dygnmedia.com 

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