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Optimize your Google Ad copy: 4 Ways to do it.

Optimize your Google Ad copy: 4 Ways to do it.

Google Ads. We want them; we like them. However, they may be tricky if you do not know how to optimize them to maximize their impact. Google is considered one of the most significant search engines. Billions of humans ask questions, look for answers to problems, and shop. 

So, of course, it is well worth presenting your business to your ideal target audience so that when they type in that magical search query, your brand is one of the first they see. For more relevant traffic, better conversion rates and new customers targeting brand loyalists.

Optimized Headings 

This is one of the first rules for creating your optimized Google ad copy. Your headlines are very crucial. Would you mind not doing them the disservice of forgetting this? There isn't any higher waste of your advertising budget than now no longer using the headlines in the Google ad. One of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your ad is to make sure that Headline 1 contains the primary keywords that your account is targeting. 

Your position in the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) depends on factors like your account budget, ad quality score, search impression rate, and more. It's immediately apparent that this ad sells precisely what this user is looking for in the market. 

But no "keywords stuffing". Placing the targeted keyword in the right place will increase the chances of your ads grabbing and holding the user's attention. 

It would be best if you also went for keyword variations in your ads, which means that by testing different variations of your top targeted keywords in the text, you can see which ones are performing the highest. Slowly figure out what your ideal audience prefers.

Break down your ad copy into the following factors 

Your ad copy message is essential when it comes to connecting with your target audience. Therefore, it must resonate with your customers, either by addressing a pain point intended to be a common element, by offering advantages that separate you from your competitors or offers likely to encourage the public to convert.

Your ad copy should always be as relevant as possible to what your audience is looking for! There is no right or wrong way to create content for PPC, but there are some best practices for structuring your ads.

Ideally, in each ad, your users will be able to discern these key aspects:

  • Features of the company

  • Company's USP product/service

  • Call to action

That way, you can streamline how you create your ads and ensure that users are provided with relevant information when people see your ads—making the ads more effective and higher conversion rates.

Use the right Calls-to-Action Most of the time.

Your ads have Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that get people to click on your landing page and convert. Many ads will need a CTA to generate this click-through rate, so using appropriate and impactful CTAs.

A/B Testing

With A / B testing multiple ad text variations, you can run them for your users and test their effectiveness after giving your ads enough time to get out of the learning phase and start generating relevant data. 

Those that generate the best engagement, the most conversions, or the highest level of performance based on your critical KPIs can be prioritized, while those that aren't working can be paused. A / B testing ensures that you can try out different messaging and slowly refine your ad copy to specific offers, language uses, and tone of voice that drive a higher level of engagement and, therefore, conversions. Ultimately, it's about finding a message that matches your users, which will vary from customer to customer and campaign based on the announcement, offer and product/service.

Make your Google ads stand out with these 4 tips. Dygn can help you maximize conversions and optimize your accounts based on your goals.

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