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How does content marketing work?

How does content marketing work?

When you have the content it works! Was all I had to say, trust me it after a long and very long conversation over a period of time, wherein I decided for this to put this to rest. However it is important why are promoting content marketing, what are the matrix of analysis used to determine the effectiveness of content marketing, where are we planning to share the word? Is it for gossips or serious readers wanting to hear you out? Are we making it rocket science or supporting with facts and figures? Lastly and as important as all the other question why go in for content marketing?

Content marketing is helpful ideally in two case scenarios, one when you are absolutely new and nobody knows what are you doing? It is helpful when you have a unique feature to project, promote or showcase which is not available in the market or highlighting a feature which is untouched by the market (for example Heinz, the tomato ketchup which is made out of real tomatoes and so why the density is thick causing it to fall very slowly, the idea was, it is actual ketchup without much mixing) It worked. Second case scenario wherein you are stuck with your numbers, now you need to grow to the next level. Everything is fine but the numbers ain’t increasing that is another place where content marketing helps.

Considering you are facing either of the cases, how to go about it? The need is more important than the want, so where the target audience is waiting to hear from you rather than just floating it around all the possible social media handles. The concept of focus groups works here well. Spread the word like wildfire, but don’t burn the vegetation, this is what is needed. Find the niche, let the response and immediate response help you understand the kind of content, the probable customer wants to listen to. Move forward.

How much is good communication, be available for the customer to arrive anytime, but don’t poke too much with the customer’s work. The idea is to create that interest in the customer, wherein he/she is looking forward for what is really happening out there. Anything more than once a fortnight is too much, it goes in the garbage bin.

Is content marketing or branding? Content is more of branding, don’t go by the name, but the fact is, the primary motive is to have a recall value, what else you have to offer me as of now? Is the question content answers. Content does not go advertise and come back when you have leads for me. Content marketing is more of go share the good word and pass it on, it would come back but not right now, or like the lead was expected yesterday. It is more of creating a blueprint when people search they find out your blueprint.

Is SEO or content related, yes and no, yes because if done properly it helps people to find you organically, SEO is customer searched for Hyderabadi biryani, you shout It is biryani though not Hyderabadi would you be interested? In totality people will always be searching in there, how relevant you are is of importance so now the question is do you know what your customer is looking for?

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