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Want to Improve Landing Page Conversion? Optimise Now!

Want to Improve Landing Page Conversion?  Optimise Now!

The prime goal of a landing web page is to convert website traffic into qualified leads. The landing page is where a user reached after they click on an ad. No matter the type of landing pages, the intent is the same, generate leads. They include sign-up forms that require traffic to provide their contact details to achieve something of value like an offer or deal. 

Generating relevant leads also depends on the relevant landing page. Conclusively the landing page design needs to convey the brand message. The following helps you to optimise the landing page. 

Step back to audit what is vital on the page, what is genuinely influencing your current conversion rate

You won't realise the best way to increase conversions until you understand why web page visitors aren't converting. Luckily, there are many methods to analyse the various aspects of your landing pages.

The audit of the user behaviour on the current landing page gives you precious insights.

The elements on your landing page that attract the maximum and the least attention. You can fix and optimise any troublesome aspect with those insights, adding an appropriate CTA button or an image to your landing web page.

Be Specific 

I cannot emphasise this more. The landing page has the most practical purpose: encouraging more people to act, usually with a CTA button or a sign-up form. 

When there is more than one variable on the landing page, the traffic gets confused. When the user is intuitively guided on a specific objective, it'll help them make the right decision and improve conversion rates. Promoting various things on a single landing page can be a recipe for disaster. A few must-haves while designing a landing page are -


  • Whether or not the audience can grasp your message?
  • Whether or not the landing page is focused on one aspect?
  • Does the target audience want more than one CTA button or solution?
  • Refine anything that doesn't make sense and try to be extra specific. Don't upload too many elements at the landing page; the traffic may fee out of place and abandon the website.

Page Responsiveness 

Just like every other page on the website, the landing page needs to be responsive on every smart device. For instance, the lead form on a phone display can be not visible at all, and you'll be dropping out on a massive chunk of revenue. Please provide the website traffic with each opportunity to convert, regardless of how they view the web page.

Enhance your landing page visuals

When you are trying to improve your landing page, the visuals can generate many more conversions. A picture says the story better than words. Compelling images, explainer videos, or even animated GIFs are prime examples. 

The placement of an image affects where the user will focus their attention. That is why it's essential to run tests to improve your landing page conversion rates.

Also, if there are videos or animations on your landing page, they can gradually slow down your page load time. Longer loading time results in more friction and higher bounce rates. Ideally, web page load time need not exceed three seconds.

Use A Thank You Page 

Once the traffic has filled out the form, they're directed to the thank you page. Generally, organisations tend to show the thank you message on the same page or ditch it altogether. However, there are a couple of motives why a thank you page need not to be ignored:

  • It can provide the benefits/solutions promised to the lead, usually in the form of downloadable content.
  • It gives website owners a chance to interest leads in different relevant content.
  • It provides a possibility to thank the new leads for their interest. Which is going to convert them into paying customers.

Optimising your landing pages is one of the quickest ways to boost your leads and sales volume. You may improve landing page conversion rates as long as you provide a specific solution to one particular problem.

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