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Social Media Marketing | New Normal | Vocal for local

Social Media Marketing | New Normal | Vocal for local

Social media handles have seen massive growth in the last decade. It is estimated that 3.5 Billion users are active daily on social media*, i.e. close to 45% to the population of the entire human community. The pandemic has changed our working for the foreseeable future. The New Normal is also coming with new norms for connecting with customers. 

Social media marketing has allowed many sellers to showcase their products/services and develop niche markets. Connecting with customers; instantaneously, is one of the key benefits of social media handles. It has reduced the conventional sales cycle significantly as the buyer is more aware of the offerings. 

It does bring in a few challenges logistics, assurance to product/service and pricing. The trend to buy online is going to increase and more likely to increase rapidly. Even though customers are looking for local businesses, they land up going in for the ones that are available on the search, or the ads they have seen. 

A second key factor why online conversion is on the rise is due to the convenience. The customer can shop at any given time; however, the delivery is more indicative and precise with regular updates making the customer aware of the whereabouts. Online shopping is also in anticipation of the need to purchase; you do buy bulk and best deals than for urgency

New Normal and its impact on social media must-haves, specifically for Business 2 Customer enterprises 

a) Product/Service/Product Review matters like never before 

b) Be as detailed as possible about the product/service 

c) Create a marketplace but sell on the existing ones as well (connect with Dygn Team to explore this in detail)

d) Be ok to experiment on the handles

e) Build a community than just one of social media surges 

f) Consistency is better than quantity 

g) If you have an offer roll it out, don't wait. 

Quality of content and images have to be as good as much as your product. Please note, images are subject to copyright. Please give the due credit to the image or purchase CC0 images or experiment with your camera or the best option is to connect with us. 

New Normal and its impact on social media, specifically for Business 2 Business Enterprises 

a) Informative content has to be shared across, highlighting the USP 

b) Resources for sellers, share the right word, but also make it shareable 

c) E-mail marketing it is a must, vendors need to be connected and updated about product/services.

d) Update the website frequently and share updates on the social media 

e) Believe in organic traffic but generate paid traffic too 

f) New normal requires, new offers and takeaways to push product/services into the market

g) Share the larger picture, enhance the engagement on social media handles 

Automate the necessary operations on the website, for better interactivity and transparency. 

Bring in authenticity with your branding. You are spreading your achievements on social media handles. Interacting with customers, be found with local business listings is the primary tasks for any brands Social Media marketing plan. Websites, business listings, e-mailers are must-haves. 

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of business planning. Choose Dygn Media and make sure you are getting the best worth every rupee spent. 

For more details connect with on +91 8308 333000 or write to us on connect@dygnmedia.com 


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