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7 Next Big things in the Digital World

7 Next Big things in the Digital World
The world is changing at a never before pace, moving ahead with no precedents; the world has changed the way we knew. It will be for the foreseeable future. Things like going for a walk, travelling at will, even buying groceries and so forth, which seemed so routine we gave no heed to, is not the same anymore.

The business scenarios are going to change with an emphasis on digital connectivity and reach like never before. Just not because of convenience but also because of ease, necessity and reach. Simple solutions to complexity, scalability and pace, have unparallel demand to the new normal. Incorporating the following are the next big thing in the digital space for your business.

1) Search by voice: commonly, searching by voice is not new; however, the search is also changing the way we search on the web. Instead of individual words, we have long sentences, exact questions and relevant information for the user, voice search and long keywords are to be incorporated. These have to justify the information that is requested by the user, so content to context is the new change.

2) Referral marketing: Peers influence peers, the customer/user who as experienced your product/service is your brand ambassador as well. So influencers though are on the rise and have sure-fire, your customers spread the word as well. Give them reasons to talk about you, update them, connect with them and be a part of their conversations.

3) Automated messenger: Apply the 80/20 rule; do all your queries require personal intervention? Availability to resolve maximum questions 24x7? Help customers to find what they are looking for, as it is a possibility they might be stuck somewhere but not sure where to look for as well? All these and more informed responses by your team to the customers is possible through adding an AI-based chat system.

4) Content: Fresh content is a need like never before; what was true a year back may not be right now. Also, the user wants to read/connect with updated content, information, entertainment and near me details. Now all of the aspects mentioned and additionally, it has to be short, concise and value-adding. Content is valuable, like never before.

5) Programmatic advertising: Allowing the ad platforms to choose where to display/show the ads. Due to the rise of IoT devices, online time spent by the users and a huge amount of data available with the platforms of the customer, the need to showcase more relevant ads to the user is supercritical. The competition amongst the ad platforms for better ad experience is phenomenal. It has and will change digital advertising drastically.

6) Reach More and Know More: Audience and live updates about the reach will see a huge jump. The new users coming online and exploring the possibilities of digital power is increasing and forced to grow more. With broader reach, the analytics/information regarding the reach also takes a vital role, preparing businesses to enhance, react and update their reach on the go.

7) User Experience: The most critical of all the significant changes we are undergoing and will see in the new future for the digital world. The user experience, it will surpass the functionality, usability aspects of using an interface. The other points mentioned are critical to any digital interface and longevity, but the user is becoming more unforgiving, not by choice. Still, more so by force, the availability of the next solution is high, bad user experience is just fatal, too much learning is fatal, not being intuitive to the user experience is fatal. 

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