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When do you need a Digital Agency?

When do you need a Digital Agency?

The following questions will help you get some direction to conclude, when do you need a digital agency for your brand?

1) Are you going digital with your brand first time?

2) Are your sales growing, depending on digital leads?

3) Does your brand has limited digital presence?

4) Have you worked in an agency before?

5) Are you looking to set up a digital agency?

If you have answered 1-3 as Yes and 4-5 as No, you need a digital agency. But we are not entirely done yet. An agency will handle the following moving parts for your brand. 

a) Website and content review 

b) Page optimisation, SEO 

c) Planning your calendar for brand communication 

d) Creatives for engagement and social media interaction 

e) E-mailers 

f) Response on social media handles 

g) Lead-generation 

Now you may or may not require all, depending on background work done. But assuring you, it is a continuous process and not a one-time thing. Furthermore, these are fundamental pillars which are required, for setting up the digital brand communication. So you can delay it for a while however you will have to catch up sooner or later. 

These moving parts require considerable expertise in different domains, an eye for detail, up to date knowledge for the latest trends and experience. Post then that also comes in constant interaction, planning and posting across the handles. Let's try to do this now 365 days of the year. I hope you can get the picture now. 

Digital agencies also help to plan and scale your current and future trends. Hence, digital marketing becomes a crucial aspect; it sets a trail for the growth of your brand. 

Now the fundamental question would you like to invest your time on scaling the business and fulfilling the leads or spend time building expertise in multiple domains? Second question, how much business you can attract online? 

Businesses stating they can run offline and do not need any marketing even in the current scenario can skip the idea of digital presence. But if you can deliver your product/service to the customer, be it B2B or B2C and you have answered the questions 1-5, you know what you need to start scaling up. 

The best part about digital marketing is that you can start small and then take it further as you grow. So it is not only the Multi-National-Companies can advertise but even small, micro and medium-sized enterprises can. Defining the actual power of digital; this is the reason why you should hire a digital agency. 

Which agency is the best fit for you? Surely a topic of discussion for a different day, but a couple of pointers to help you.

a) Agency will ask many questions 

b) Understands your product/service 

c) Will give customised approach than a package approach 

d) Pros and Cons for choosing the strategy

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