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Privacy Policy and its 5 Major impacts on businesses

Privacy Policy and its 5 Major impacts on businesses

The feud between the users and social media handles is not settling anytime soon. On the other hand, companies like Apple have clearly stated they will not entertain data sharing with Facebook. The data transmitted is through the cookies (not the ones we can eat, but the ones in our internet browser sharing all our data to the highest bidder). 

These cookies help target and identify us individually regarding what we have been searching, what we have been watching, things we like, behaviour and patterns (namely sessions management, personalisation and tracking). There are two types of cookies generated. First Party cookies (created by the website you are visiting). Third-Party cookies (created by the other domains, the websites you are not seeing, and advertising cookies are excellent examples of this, added as tags to the page you are visiting). 

There is something called second-party cookies that is not that cool either because it shares data between their trusted partners. 

1) Safari, Firefox, as internet browsers, have already taken action to curb the exchange of third party cookies. Google chrome has committed that they will be phasing out third party cookies by 2022. However, it is still going to take time before it is stopped or requested by the user before sharing. Third-party cookies will see the end of a lifecycle 

2) Google is exchanging third party cookies with FLoCs (Federated Learning of Cohorts). It will target groups (cohorts) than individuals, so the ads running will be targeting people with similar interest groups, type of people, and people's behaviour. However, it will not target individuals. Google suggests they will have 95% effectiveness as third party cookies. 

3) Targetting of ads will be impacted for sure; there is a massive amount of data fed, and by the time this gigantic shift happens of sharing / not sharing the data with the advertisers, a learning curve for users to select their preferences. It will create an impact challenging to measure in the current scenarios. 

4) The relevance of the ads needed unprecedented. Be it individual targeting through third-party cookies, which is on the verge of its life cycle or through FLoCs or any other solution shortly. Ads will have to be engaging, solution-oriented and more inviting to a community rather than individuals. 

5) Ads will cost more, more competition in a similar space. Limited inventory, and to reach the exact conversion as today, one will need to cover more ground. Assuming the quality of ads and target audience is the same. 

How it affects my business?

You will need more solution-oriented products/services shared with the users.

Updated and fresh content will be essential to keep engaging and attracting new customers. 

Plan the budgets better; a strategy to build interest than direct conversion will be a significant shift for a successful campaign. 

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