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The Internet is a Noisy Space | Make your Mark

The Internet is a Noisy Space | Make your Mark

If you think the Internet is a noisy space, let me tell you this, the internet is a very noisy space. There is calls, emails, chats, critical information, finance, ads, social media even your microwave thanks to the internet of things. In the midst of all these things, unmatched connectivity,  personalisation and data on cloud, where all the information is just a click away. This colossal digital world with interminable possibilities also creates a lot of noise. Here are the 10 things which will act as stepping stones to leave your mark in the noisy space of The Internet.

Patience : Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your brand! The internet we see today has taken its own course of time with multiple mutations to reach where it is. There are more than 1 Billion websites as on Jan 2020 i.e. 1 website for every 7 people on the earth and counting every second of the day. Getting recognised, searched, optimised and showcased in the top space takes time! Keep calm and rolling.

Consistence : As the internet progressed and with the problem of plenty at hand. Consistent relevant content becomes a key factor to determine who gets to remain above the noise. How many times is the content updated? How relevant is the content to the users? How consistent is the interaction; they play a major role across the internet, be it websites, social media handles or another form of digital outreach

New : I cannot emphasise on this one enough, as we cannot read the same joke numerous times and be impressed by it. Similarly, people are not interested in reading the same content. The internet is live, updates, current trends, happenings and mind you also opinionated content. That is what it makes it The Internet if you are not reworking on your content within a year it is obsolete.

Explore : The internet is a journey and not a destination. The information, knowledge, communication you have to share with the world has to be explored in two way, one is the geographical exploration and the other is in the way which it is shared, there is a need to explore ways/means/mediums to communicate depending upon the communication and target audience relevant platforms should be explored.

Adapt : with power comes responsibility and with fresh content comes adaptability. User behaviour is dynamically changing, because if you are unable to help with relevant information or solution there is someone else there to do it for lesser or more, better or worse but available out there for the users. Plan ahead but adapt from the past.

Scale : Internet is all about bridging the gap between geographic limitations and bringing the ones seeking to the ones who are providing. So the possibilities are boundless however it is also a double-edged sword, failing to scale it failing to get above the noise too.

Experiment : The user experience counts, period. So till the time you are able to engage the user, you are in business. Experimenting becomes a very critical aspect of the same. Keep the vision in front of you, set the parameters to experiment, the user is the centre of the universe, surprise the user.

Value Proposition in communication: No communication is enough communication and no communication is a relevant communication without value add. The user should feel elevated in terms of information, skill or entertainment every-time!

Create your Niche: There is everything on the internet, but to find anything, something is to be searched and to find something you google it, however, google itself is a niche for searching. Mind you, it influences what you should be looking at vs. what you are looking for. Create your niche, dependency for reliability on a subject matter, build your audience. If you are good at selling caramel popcorns, let's not sell the smoothies.

Don’t Assume : Due to its vast audiences, complexity, personalisation, influence and availability round the clock, assume less and substantiate more with information, analytics etc. Creativity and data go hand in hand. It is difficult to ascertain your end-user once it is out there, hence when leaving content for the world, try to make it as conclusive, as possible.

Hope the above helps you to set the record straight for the digital footprint you planning to walk on. Need awesome content visit https://dygnwriters.com, need a website, tech and all the cool gizmo stuff visit https://dygnmedia.com and for sure you can write to me aniket@dygnmedia.com

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