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5 Reasons why your Social Media strategy is not working for you

5 Reasons why your Social Media strategy is not working for you

Almost all your clientele is on social media handles, may be active, may not be that active, but they are there. If everyone is here, so are your competitors, so are the other companies trying to project their services/products. They are more or less exposed to similar ads, offers, and an online journey similar to yours. Now when everyone is here, then why somethings are working, and some things aren't? The following should help you with insights. 

  1. Package deals don't work: The whole concept of the internet is customisation, personalisation, showcasing what is relevant to the user. So when someone says this package would work, please understand it is like one size fits all. The worlds biggest brands and local brands will not and cannot have the same journey—the brand positioning, customer life cycle journey, business to customer segment, or business-to-business segment, current brand recall and where the brand needs to move ahead, critical concerns of the marketing team, feedback from customers, pull or push strategy to be undertaken and much more goes in. So one size does not fit all in social media, online presence. 

  2. Where do you want to reach: "I want to be everywhere!" Again let me put it across this way, there are like 2.6 billion users on Facebook alone. I am not even going to other social media handles, possibilities, relevance, google ads, gaming apps, bing. There are tons of more opportunities. Having a clear goal is vital.

    If you want to create awareness for the brand, then followers, community building, and shares are your primary motive. If you need your current customers to spread the good word about you and the brand, then brand engagement is the primary goal, comments, mentions. Looking for conversion, it has to bring in more traffic to your website, sign-ups, subscribes. You were looking to retain your customer's e-mail marketing, testimonials, personalised connections and resolving queries. So a clear need leads to a clear ask, making sure for a clear strategy. 

  3. Authencity is lacking: There are numerous ways how the users perceive authenticity. To highlight a few as below, if you are only hard-selling, nobody likes a hard sell, so if you are putting content on your social media handles that is just overly selling your products/services, this isn't going to work. People will get influenced by human connection, so for example, if you think cute kids or cute puppies or funny videos to be added before you hard sell to them your product/service. This will not work, and you have got to be genuine about what products/services you are selling. 

  4. Fresh content: People are following you on your page. However, if there is no engagement, no relevant content updates, information, no offers to happen, and there are no regular posts if it is once in a blue moon interaction and that too only hard selling. The followers will stop following you, so community building along with new and engaging content regularly to be posted is very crucial. 

  5. Beliving to happen right now: Brand building, engaging customers, getting followers, apt strategy, reworking on the strategy with the data inputs received of running campaigns and organic postings. It will take time, consistency and minute detailing. Understanding the insights, analytics and investing to scale more in the digital industry all of the above requires time, patience, and smartly investing in marketing(like hiring Dygn Media)

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