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5 Reasons Web Hosting matters to your business

5 Reasons Web Hosting matters to your business

We get this very frequently, we have purchased a domain name, isn't that the same as hosting the website?

Well, the concise answer is NO, the long answer is Nowhere close. A domain name is booking your name on the world wide web, so anybody trying to type in dygnmedia.com will reach to dygnmedia.com it is an address, not the space for your website.

Now once you come to the domain, you see a website. The website is multiple files working in sync for you to view the website; these files need to be stored. Where you store the files, it is called Webhosting—the place where your files, database, content, images, everything relating to the website is stored. 

Raw example, your hard-disk space on the cloud is web hosting. 

Why do you need a great web hosting?

1) Website Loading Time: Website speed depends on the following three things-

a) Location - How far is the website hosted from its customer? For example, if your primary clientele is in India, and you are hosting your website in the US, it is going to tax you on the speed to bring the information on the screen. CDN (later on this) is the solution, but you need your website to be hosted as close to your customer. 

b) Processing Speed - Are you hosted on hardware to support your needs, or a slow server running decades-old with low processing power.

c) Upload Speed - When you request for data from a server, let us say you are requesting data at a speed of 100mbps, but your server has only the bandwidth of 10mbps metered for your site. So, in that case, it will cost you loading speed. 

2) Seach Engine Optimisation: If your site is down / not accessible frequently, the search engines are noticing it. It will penalise your site and lower your rankings significantly. Hurting your SEO and not showcasing in the search results

3) Design and UX: If you opt for bulk web hosting, it brings in restrictions. These restrictions stop you from using newer technology, creative constraints with limited processing power and bandwidth. Ultimately giving the user a poor experience and forcing them to quit the site before, actually they start browsing around the site. Bad web hosting is more restrictions. 

 4) Backups & Data Management: Backups and storing the website data which can be recovered if faced by external attacks is of crucial importance. However, Backups is a cost, so cheap web hosting companies will not be able to help you with that. Backups are essential from a precautionary perspective but all from a curative perspective. To get the website live within no time and also not losing the data for more than 24 hours. 

5) Better Security: Loading a site on SSL is vital. A great website hosting will provide you with SSL. Encrypted data transfers are what you are looking at irrespective how many forms are there or which user is visiting your website. Also, from an SEO standpoint, it is a big turn off to have a website without SSL Now. 

Hope the above helps you to make the vital choice for your web hosting provider. If you are looking for web hosting to suit your needs and super-fast, built on the latest technology and uptime more than 95% connect with us. Dygn Data Center is the solution for you; you can write to us on hosting@dygnmedia.com or reach out +91 8308 333 000 

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