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Websites should look good from the inside and out.

Websites should look good from the inside and out.

Reasons why you should invest in custom websites rather than WordPress.

There is no doubt that the Internet is the future of all businesses, large and small. For any business, building a website and optimizing it for search engine results should be the number one priority if you haven't already. 

Is it worth investing more time and money for a custom website than a WordPress website? Let's talk about it.


1. Unique website suited for your brand:

Django is a backend framework and WordPress is a CMS. And as you might have guessed, they are designed to perform different tasks. A web framework is a set of tools based on a programming language that allows you to build websites from scratch. 

Making a site tailored for your business is important to attract potential customers. Your internet site must talk about your enterprise because it serves as your brand image.

Today, most entrepreneurs rely heavily on content management systems to build a website. Sites like WordPress offer a full website built from pre-purchased themes. With WordPress, you’re given a drag-and-drop tool to layout certain elements on a page. You’re only constrained to the fonts, themes, and format for that theme only.  


Custom websites set you apart from the competition. There are no limitations or restrictions on how you design your website, which means that there will never be two identical sites.

2. No limitations in functionality:

One considerable benefit of custom-built websites is that you may turn them into anything you want. You can absolutely optimize it for your business and client’s navigation.

You have more control over the template layout of your internet site. If you've got a sound design team, you'll obtain a well-customized website ready.

3. Better SEO:

Web builders and SEO strategists who construct websites from scratch can optimize your site for search engines. And not simply Google – we’re speaking about Yahoo and Bing too.

Web developers can add a custom-coded format that permits better keyword penetration and functions on the website. It will also assist in making your site SEO-friendly to grow brand awareness

4. Updates and security:

With CMS, you look ahead to updates that will happen – unannounced, that is. And while that happens, a number of those updates could have your UI and UX design go erratic. Yes, it is able to mess up your layouts and content. That could position up a quite massive hollow for your website security as well.

Developers frequently place a custom-designed template with the use of a plugin to enhance net protection issues. And in case your pre-constructed theme isn’t regularly up to date together with your CMS, it is able to be at risk of malicious attacks.

With custom-developed websites, your developer will usually make updates for you and secure them against hackers.

5. Saving time is not always a top priority:

 It is true that using WordPress on Django can save you time. Installing WordPress only takes a few minutes. It's a great feature, but running on a project rarely gives the best results. Django takes longer to move forward, but it also helps structure your site better over a longer period of time. Do you want short-term gains or a brand that can achieve long-term goals?

Django lets us provide completely customizable solutions to our clients, which allows them to be successful with their businesses online. There is a reason why a number of the largest tech companies in the world  Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, NASA and National Geographic have chosen to strengthen their websites and applications by using Django in place of WordPress.

Using a WordPress template can be cheaper, quicker and less difficult for most people, however, it's going to avert your growth in the long run. 

At DYGN Media, we provide custom-develop websites to assist small and present organizations to maximize their online impact. If you’re searching for expert web designers, contact us today to talk about any technical support you need.

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