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Hybrid Strategy

Hybrid Strategy

It is of immense importance how are we putting our pennies to the dollar. In-case we do not strategise we will be paying up more for every conversion. Also to keep in mind that when we do in bits and pieces we look not organised. We generally suggest it is ok not be on all platforms but when we are, we make sure there is due diligence for maintaining the outreach efforts. 

Internet is a noisy place just like, offline branding or ad networks, however when we go for outreach we may choose less however; we showcase ourselves as one brand, one tone of communication. Strategy building is a very essential part of the campaign. 

Based on the product / service each campaign is custom built as there is no one solution fits all in strategy. Every product / service is unique, with unique clientele and reach. We make sure you decide to get the for every penny spent on the dollar. 

Need a detailed study / audit for the strategy or plan your campaigns please write to us on connect@dygnmedia.com 

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