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User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)
Internet is a noisy place. The user is over burdened with information, with all this happening, the user is looking for something relevant and entertaining. Amidst all this if the user has to learn how to use your platform, or finds errors, is unable to click or unable to understand what to be done next. The user turns to next. 

The User Interface and User Experience has come down to being non negotiable. The user has options and those options may be more confusing and frustrating than helpful. The journey for the user has to be intuitive, simple, precise and complete. 

Common things to take care for a user journey on your website / app. 

  • Priority : Check the priority what is to be conveyed to the user, one screen one action. 
  • Design for USERS : It is a very critical aspect, wherein the design teams / tech teams are on the same page with respect to keeping the user the centre of the universe. 
  • Design Process : There is no short cuts for a great user journey, you create, take feedback improvise which is generally more to do with minimise and move forward. 

We make sure the iterations are done keeping the user journey in the centre of the universe and rest everything is around it. 

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